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We are alumni of Saint Bede's College, Ashing, Kom, North-West Region of Cameroon and are grouped under the Saint Bede ex-Students' Association, Sabesa. Sabesa, the alumni association of Sabeco, is almost as old as its Alma mater, which is in its year-long Golden Jubilee Celebration that will culminate in weekend festivities in mid-December 2013 on the college campus in Ashing.

We have as objective to preserve the extended St Bede’s College Community, redress the mutual concerns of the Association and the College’s administration, promote community responsibility and progressive social change, promote academic excellence and provide financial support for the objectives expressed herein as determined by the Association. In furtherance of these objectives, the Association is governed by its Constitution and By-Laws.

Sabesa is a voluntary, non-profit organization affiliated with Saint Bede’s College for the purpose of meeting the following common objectives: to promote the interests of Saint Bede’s College (Ashing, Kom) and to organize its past students toward that aim. The goals are also to encourage the past students to remember the work, fun, learning and preparation for life gained while attending the school; to foster communication between school friends; to promote class reunions; to solicit financial support for Saint Bede’s College; and to sponsor and support past students activities.

Saint Bede's College (Sabeco) opened its doors on 3rd October 1963 as a boys' school at its temporary site in Njinikom (Saint Anthony’s Boys’ School); the second intake came in in September 1964. Thereafter, the college moved to its permanent site in Ashing in the Belo valley and admitted the first set of girls in 1967, thereby making it co-educational. The first class graduated in June 1967 after writing the London GCE Ordinary Level exams. The college became a university preparatory school when it admitted the first stream of Lower Sixth students in 1990.  Now, a half-century later from its founding in 1963, the college has touched literally thousands of lives, and its graduates are everywhere at home and in the diaspora.

When the decision was made to found the college, it was with the hope of establishing a school in the Catholic tradition that would transform the lives of the students it served, educate them, form socially responsible citizens, give them a sense of self-awareness and empower imaginative leaders for the world.

Sabeco was established however, not solely as a community for Catholics or even Christians, like a Parish Church, but as an œcumenical and diverse ministry of educational and human formation for people of all faiths and backgrounds. Sabeco is populated by a rich variety of human beings, from increasingly diverse religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. In fact, intentional pluralism and diversity have been hall marks of Sabeco. 

For 50 years, Sabeco has prepared its students to go far...at the school, we learned to strive for excellence as we were taught the value of knowledge and honourable deeds, to endeavour to better ourselves and our community, to always be ready to take on a challenge, to always be ready to take risks, and to always be ready to help.

Today, as the college celebrates fifty years of excellence in education, it is a time to look back at the good times, and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together, side by side, year by year. We invite you to join us in this venture.

Thank you for your very kind attention.

S. Orok Tambe, Class of ‘69 (Sabesa Past President (2002-2007))


On behalf of,

Ita Frinwie, Class of '86

President, SABESA



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