Please make your Contributions to Sabesa Projects here

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Clcik here for- A model view of the building project your contribution is going to erect

To contribute by check,

write check to SABESA and mail your check to

Mrs. Brigitte Ndikum-Nyada

23 Seanna Rd,

Attleboro, MA 02703


Wellsfargo Bank

Bank Account Number: 8216192537

Routing Number: 051400549

Wire Transfer Routing #: 121000248


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Thank you for your contributions

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  •  Affianwie Ndiashea Ngante
    Dr. Kimbi, just to reinforce what Ken articulated, is owned by SABESA and you can see that the welcome message is from the Executive President (Mrs. Ita Ndifon) from Yaoundé Cameroon with more intro from Mr. Orok Tambe of Douala. Sabesans in the US have just seized the opportunity to use it to further our own needs. We expect that sabesans everywhere will do the same. The site is hosted in the USA and Ken has volunteered, so far, obscene amounts of man-hours to see it work.
  • Ken
    No, Dr Chafini Gerald,
    These donations are two tier:
    1- Sabesa USA Jubilee
    2- Sabesa construction project in Cameroon. Let me clarify that the website is for all Sabesans. Also, both projects are aimed at helping with the admin block in Cameroon.
    Ken Abah
  • Gerald Kimbi
    I am curious to know. Is this SABESA US
  •  Affianwie Ndiashea Ngante
    Sabesans! lets get going with this project. Its our legacy and I have faith that we will gird our loins and make it come true.