Feast Day 2015
Celebrated by the St. Bede's Ex-Students in the diaspora (USA/CANADA)
Bbq time
SABESAns Feast Day 2015 BBQ Celebration in Washngton DC. (USA/CANADA)
After Mass
After Mass celebration with Fr. William Neba at the Church of the Resurrection
Conventon 2016
Saint Bede's USA/Canada diapora Ex-Students Convention 2016, in Minnesota




PRESIDENT: Ndiashea Ngante


We are happy to welcome you to our site. We appreciate your visit and your time.

We are alumni of Saint Bede’s College, Ashing, Kom, North-West Region of Cameroon and are grouped under the Saint Bede ex-Students’ Association, Sabesa. Sabesa, the alumni association of Sabeco, is almost as old as its Alma mater, which is in its year-long Golden Jubilee Celebration that will culminate in weekend festivities in mid-December 2013 on the college campus in Ashing.

2018 Convention in

Countdown to (June 28 - July 1, 2018)


To belong or not to belong?

… the famous soliloquy by Shakespeare’s Hamlet with the opening,

“To Be or Not to Be, that’s the question.”

The meaning of course was “Is it better to live or to die?” I am not even going that close in terms of depth in focusing on the essence of SABESA USA/CANADA. I have often wondered why we have so many Sabesans in continental USA and yet when we organize …

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